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Police Scotland & Federation Pipe Band

In June 2021 the Police Scotland and Federation Pipe band was formed. The band has evolved from famous legacy Police Force Pipe Bands to create a band that represents Police Scotland. These legacy pipe bands include Central Scotland Police Pipe Band, Dumfries and Galloway Pipe Band, Dundee Police and Tayside Police Pipe Band, Edinburgh Police and Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band, Glasgow Police and Strathclyde Police Pipe Band.


Police Scotland recognises the important influence and contribution pipe bands have made to their communities, and the musical legacy they leave. 

The Pipe Band has the full support of the Police Scotland Chief Constable. Band members are proud to represent the Police Service of Scotland in this way.


The Pipe Band benefits from a close relationship with the Scottish Police Federation. As part of this new formation the Pipe Band will wear the Scottish Police Federation Tartan.  A fitting inspiration for the Scottish Police Federation's 2019 centenary, is the 1790 City of Glasgow tartan. Incorporating the colours of the Federation badge, the background comprises 100 black 'centenary' threads in which lies the now universally accepted policing symbol of the 'Sillito tartan' - the chequered band introduced in 1932 by Glasgow's then Chief Constable, Sir Percy Sillito. The blue commemorate the original 1779 police force of eight officers; the yellow symbolises the cultural and gender mix of the modern Force. Band members are drawn from across all areas of the Police Scotland organisation and include police officers, civilian guest players and members of staff. 


Assistant Chief Constable and Pipe Band President Tim Mairs said: ““I am delighted to see the formation of the Police Scotland Pipe Band and hear the exciting plans for their future. Music is an important way to celebrate our past and provides a fantastic opportunity to bring police and communities together. The formation of the band ensures that the proud history of piping and drumming across policing in Scotland continues into the future. I also welcome the continued support of the Scottish Police Federation."


Pipe Major, Chief Inspector Ewan Henderson, said: “We want to pay tribute to the contribution from Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Federation.  With their full support behind us we can look forward to a positive future. As we go forward, we felt a new name and change in emphasis was needed. The Band’s membership has been strengthened, the repertoire has been developed and the existing foundations of the Band built on to secure its future. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and with these important changes, the future of the Pipe Band is bright and exciting – we look forward to representing the Police Service and Scotland.”



Glasgow Police Pipe Band (formerly Strathclyde Police Pipe Band) is a competitive Grade 1 Pipe Band based in Glasgow, Scotland. The band have been crowned World Pipe Band Champions on 21 occasions since their birth in 1883. 


Click 'More Info' to read about the members of the Pipe & Drum Corps that keep the band at the forefront of the competitive pipe band scene in Scotland.

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